Why Wear Lifting Shoes

Why Wear Lifting Shoes

A few years from now, only a handful people in a group of weightlifters could be seen wearing lifting shoes. This ratio has dramatically changed and lifting shoes are no more treated as a weird thing only a few hardcore weightlifters wear.

The increasing familiarity with lifting shoes and their availability in the market are the main reasons behind this change. For the few who still ask ‘Why wear lifting shoes’, read on to know the answer.

Right positioning

Most of the accidents and injuries happen due to a misalignment of the torso while lifting heavy weights, and this is why lifting shoes are essential. These special shoes help your body stay in the proper alignment while you lift heavy weights and stay firmly in that position through the different stages of weightlifting.

Lateral support

Lifting shoes provide a snug fit that you can’t find in a running shoe or any other sports shoes. There have been numerous cases where lifters wearing unfitting footwear experienced rollovers while lifting heavy weights, resulting in ligament tears, dislocations, and so on.

The high-quality Velcro straps over the laces help in creating a unique fit that holds your feet firmly and prevents any rollovers.

Ankle support

There are many weightlifters who need an extra degree of ankle support to help them in their performances, and they can get this from the high-cut weightlifting shoes. These shoes have a special design and come with additional ankle support.

Effective squats and deadlifts

The Velcro straps firmly secure your feet and help you push harder against the sides of the shoe to create additional hip activation to result in more effective squats and deadlifts.

Better stability

Running shoes cannot give you the stability required for weight lifting. The lifting shoes are specially designed to support you with a strong base and make your lift attempt more stable.

Effective vertical thrust

Running shoes and other sports shoes come with soft soles that compress to absorb shock. However, lifting shoes have a solid sole that does not cause any energy drain. As a result, the force you exert can be completely directed to getting the heavy weights off the floor.

Enhanced versatility

Armed with the right weightlifting shoes, you can even try Olympic lifting that you may have never even considered before. Your lifting shoes will help you get the maximum advantage out of your expanded lifting range.

Developing core control

The proper alignment of lumbar spine and pelvis is important to help you squat with confidence. Good lifting shoes help you achieve the right alignment and thus increase the overall effectiveness.

They also help you to avoid strain while squatting.

Knee protection

If your feet and ankles are not properly aligned while lifting heavy weights, it can push the complications upwards to your knee. As a result, the knee joints suffer the brunt of the incorrect alignment.

Wearing the right lifting shoes helps you maintain proper alignment and avoid painful knee injuries.

Greater range in ankle joint

Weightlifting shoes come with elevated heels that help in generating a great sense of stability. They also provide a greater range in the ankle joint.

Enhanced safety

Today, the standard weight that an average lifter deals with every day is far beyond what our precedents did in the past. While good coaching has the credit for this kind of achievement, the right shoes have also contributed in pushing the limits further while staying safe.

A better habit!

While there are many answers to why you should wear lifting shoes, one simple answer that should be enough is that it helps you build a better habit! Wearing the right type of shoe when lifting weights enables you to get into the proper mindset that is required for success.

You will be able to do more effective workouts, with an improved body positioning, better work habits, and fewer accidents.

Better physical and mental health

When you work out with increased efficacy and more confidence, it results in a higher degree of physical and mental fitness. When you are fit and active, you will be able to deliver your best performance.


Gym memberships don’t come cheap and if you train in tennis shoes then you may better throw your money off in the dustbin. If you are training with anything less than lifting shoes then you are simply wasting your time by not utilizing your full potential.

So, here’s the final answer to ‘Why wear lifting shoes’: they help you get the most out of your workouts and training sessions. Period!

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