What Are Good Lifting Shoes

What Are Good Lifting Shoes

The right shoe gave Cinderella the window to escape to the good world and a better life. As weightlifters, you can also enjoy a Cinderella-ish effect by choosing the right shoes to help you realize your dreams.

Whether you are a weekend gym warrior or the one who closes down the gym every night, wearing the right type of shoe can change a lot of things. You have probably heard of the lifting shoes, but please bear in mind that not every lifting shoe is perfect for you. So, how to do you determine which lifting shoe is good for you?

Before that, we try to answer the question: what are good lifting shoes? Let’s try and understand why need a special shoe for weightlifting.

Good lifting shoes have hard soles:

When you indulge in any type of sports, basketball, soccer, or running, your body follows a certain movement or pattern. Similarly, when you lift heavy weights, your body goes through a specific pattern of movement to exert the pressure or force needed to lift weights.

There’s an immense amount of pressure and force that’s exerted by the body and all this is supported by your feet. If your feet are not stable on the ground or they are not held firmly, it will be difficult for them to handle all the pressure, and this might result in ankle and knee injuries.

The good lifting shoes come with hard soles unlike the regular running shoes that have cushioned or padded soles. The hard sole prevents the body from sinking under the extreme pressure, and it pushes that accumulated pressure in the right direction to lift heavy weights.

Some of the best lifting shoes come with soles made from rubber that provide a good support and also work well for providing traction.

Good lifting shoes have at least one power strap

Good weightlifting shoes will come with enhanced security features. They will not only have an improved lacing system to hold your feet tightly against the shoes, but also include power straps that are specially designed to keep your feet secured at one place.

It prevents your feet from slipping or moving forward inside the shoe. The toes get jammed to the front and you get a better grip.

Good lifting shoes give a snug fit

When you are considering an investment of nearly $100 or more, it is essential that you make sure that the lifting shoe fits your feet properly. It should provide you a snug fit so that your feet feel comfortable even if you have to wear them all day long.

The importance of a proper fit cannot be emphasized enough because there’s a thin line between fit and too tight. If your shoe is so tight that you can hardly move, you will end up feeling restricted.

On the other hand if the shoe is loose fitting, you will have to carry around the extra weight in your feet and this will slow down your performance.

Please bear in mind that when you try on a new pair of lifting shoes for the first time, they will be tight but don’t return them immediately thinking that they are unfit for you. The lifting shoes usually loosen up a little after a few workouts and soon you will enjoy that ‘perfect’ fit everyone’s raving about.

Good lifting shoes provide enhanced support

The support system is an important feature that differentiates a good lifting shoe from a bad one. When it comes to lifting heavy weights, you don’t need a cushioned support but something more firm and sturdy.

If you have weaker ankles that roll in or out under the pressure while doing squats or deadlifts, you can greatly benefit from wearing a lifting shoe. When you are well-supported, it results in reduced ankle movement and you will be able to lift more weight.

Good lifting shoes are lightweight

The lifting shoes from different brands will have different weights. They are slightly heavier than your typical sports shoes because of the additional support they provide.

Despite the extra weight, the good lifting shoes are remarkably lightweight to enable free movement of the feet during workouts.


We hope that by now you have a good idea about what good lifting shoes are. If you want to take your training or workouts to the next level, then it makes sense to invest in a good pair of lifting shoes.

They are well worth the money and help you explore your potential to the fullest. The good lifting shoes can not only bring about a dramatic change in your lifting technique, but also improve your overall performance.

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