Reebok Women's Crossfit Lite TR Mid 2.0 GR Training Shoe Review

Reebok Women’s Crossfit Lite TR Mid 2.0 GR Training Shoe Review

Reebok Women’s Crossfit Lite TR Mid 2.0 is designed in a way to power your workouts and help you make the most of your physical strength. It belongs to the Crossfit series by Reebok, a brand that strives to help humans return to their roots and honor their bodies.

True to its vision, Reebok designs shoes that offer a snug fit and a secure grip, so that you can go ahead and deliver an unbeatable performance without any fear!

Reebok was founded for a strong reason – the athletes wanted to run faster and Reebok gave them shoes to fulfill their dreams. The company takes the legacy forward and makes the best lifting shoes to help weight lifters lift heavier weights with confidence.

This re-engineered Crossfit Lite TR Mid 2.0 GR training shoe looks sturdy and durable from the outside and features advanced technology to help you support your power lifts. The smart lace locking technology holds your feet securely in place to prevent any form of unnecessary movement so that you stay focused on your goal.

The shoe comes with a carbon rubber heel to give your feet a high level of comfort and the multi-surface outsole comes with enhanced traction capabilities.

When you exert pressure to lift the heavy weights, the shoe ensures that all the power and force is directed towards lifting the heavy bars. It helps you lift more weight and maintain the correct body posture without going off balance.

Although looks don’t matter much in lifting shoes, we cannot help but appreciate the bright colors on the sides. The colors pop out and catch attention. They make this otherwise dull colored training shoe look vibrant and lively.


  • Made from a synthetic material
  • Rubber sole for extra comfort
  • DuraGrip toe cap for protection
  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • It offers a snug fit
  • Available in different shades – alloy/electric peach/white


  • The toe box is roomy and it gives you a secure and snug fit. Your feet stay firmly planted on the ground so that you can exert full pressure on lifting more weight, without going off balance.
  • The shoe can sustain a lot of pressure and still stay intact. You can feel the difference almost immediately after putting on the shoe. This boosts your confidence and enhances your performance.
  • The shoes are great for lifting but you can also use them for cardio exercises and get amazing results. They are not meant for running though.
  • The shoes are highly durable from the outside as they are made from synthetic material. The rubber sole offers a snug fit inside. You can wear the shoe all day long without getting blisters or straining your feet.
  • The DuraGrip toe cap provides extra protection and resistance to abrasion during the different types of sports activities and various stages of weight lifting.
  • The colors are great and the shoe looks impressive. It is sure to grab some eyeballs when you walk into the gym.
  • The shoe is extremely lightweight and scores high in terms of comfort. You will fall in love with your trainer shoe!


  • The shape of the shoe does not fit all types of feet and some might not find it so comfortable.
  • No money back guarantee if you don’t like the shoe. You may return them for another pair if they don’t fit, but you can’t get a refund.


Reebok Women’s Crossfit Lite TR Mid 2.0 GR Training Shoe is specially designed for women to help them lift heavy weights and perform other strenuous exercises with confidence. The shoe scores high in terms of durability and comfort.

Performance-wise, the shoe doesn’t fail to impress. You can immediately see the difference in your squats and deadlifts.

What we like the most about the shoe is that it gives you the benefits of a high-quality lifting shoe without going over your budget. Whether you are a beginner or a professional lifter, this Reebok Women’s Crossfit Lite TR Mid 2.0 GR Training Shoe is worth the investment.

Reebok Women’s Crossfit Lite TR Mid 2.0 GR Training Shoe is exactly what you need to power your lifting and training sessions.

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