Reebok Men's R CrossFit Lifter Plus Training Shoe Review

Reebok Men’s R CrossFit Lifter Plus Training Shoe Review

When you look at the no-nonsense design of the Reebok Men’s R CrossFit Lifter Plus Training Shoe, you know that it means strict business. It is not designed to flatter you or gather compliments from others, but to push your limits farther than you can imagine and exceed your expectations with an incredible performance.

It comes from the house of Reebok, the brand known for making high quality shoes for athletes around the world.

Men’s R CrossFit Lifter Plus Training Shoe is one of the most sought-after training shoes from the CrossFit category offered by Reebok.

What makes the Reebok Men’s R CrossFit Lifter Plus Training Shoe so popular? Is it merely the hype or is there some substance behind its popularity? Let’s find out!

When it comes to CrossFit weightlifting, the professionals need a highly durable and supportive shoe that can stay intact even under immense pressure and allows them to deliver their best performance. Reebok fulfills this promise with its Men’s R CrossFit Lifter Plus Training Shoe.

The upper part of the shoes is made from tough manmade leather and a synthetic material, both known for their ability to last really long even when they are exposed to extreme conditions.

The breathable mesh absorbs the extra moisture caused by sweating, and removes any type of unwanted swelling in the upper region of the foot. The mesh also makes the shoe extremely lightweight so that the athlete does not feel the weight on his feet.

The CrossFit Lifter-Plus offers a snug fit which gives an incredible support to the lifters. It comes with two highly secure and adjustable straps for enhanced security. It ensures that the straps do not come off even when your feet are under immense pressure during the different stages of weight lifting.

The shoe offers a comfortable and snug fit. It has a wide and roomy toe box to allow lifters to move their toes and foot base to get the perfect grip when preparing to lift the weight.


  • Made from a man-made leather material
  • Synthetic inner sole
  • Lace-up training shoe
  • Brand logo at sides, heel, and tongue
  • Tongue and collar areas are slightly padded
  • Double hook-and-loop straps for enhanced stability
  • U-Form midfoot wrap for customized-molded fit


  • This Reebok CrossFit Lifter Plus shoe is extremely lightweight but maintains a sturdy construction and stable design. The lightweight design of the shoe provides the perfect balance to the athletes during the lifts, making the shoes good for training.
  • There are two Velcro straps made from synthetic leather for enhanced stability and security. These straps are heavy-duty and help to keep your feet tight and secure during weightlifting.
  • The shoe heel is made from hardened TPU which makes it incompressible, thus helping in steering your physical force and strength in the right direction. Due to the incompressible heel, it is not suitable for box jumping, running, and other dynamic exercises.
  • The Reebok weightlifting shoes use only the highest-grade rubber to form the sole. It helps in giving you a strong grip on the ground and enables the shoes to sustain under immense pressure.
  • The forefoot area and upper construction of the shoe are highly flexible to bend with ease without folding the toe box or crushing your toes.
  • Power lifters with ankle mobility issues will be able to benefit from this shoe, and take their squatting/deadlifting to the next level.


  • They feel too tight and suffocating when you wear them for the first time. However, don’t rush for the return slip because this lasts only for a few days. You can feel the shoes loosen up after a few workout sessions at the gym.


These shoes are your best companion for CrossFit WOD with a lot of high energy weightlifting exercises. They are also good for Olympic Weightlifting. Although slightly expensive, the shoe is well worth the price.

This is a strictly professionals’ shoe meant for the serious weightlifters and athletes. We would not recommend it for beginners.

If you are serious for weightlifting and powerlifting, then the Reebok Men’s R CrossFit Lifter Plus Training Shoe is your best bet to help you deliver an unbeatable performance.

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