Nike Metcon 3 Mens Cross Training Shoes Review

Nike Metcon 3 Mens Cross Training Shoes Review

Nike shoes are known for their innovative technology, and we can see that trademark in the Nike Metcon 3 Men’s Cross Training Shoes. When you look at the Nike Metcon 3, you can tell that it has retained all the critical design components that were the reason behind the popularity of the Metcon series.

The Nike Metcon 3 hopes to take the legacy forward with the introduction of a drop-in midsole that promises to give maximum stability and flexibility in the forefoot.

They are the high-performance cross-training shoes that boast a great level of versatility. They are highly sought after by athletes to give them an edge over others in competition.

When it comes to stability, the Nike Metcon 3 delivers an unbeatable performance. It features a firm rubber heel with a low-profile heel clip design that blends together to give you more stability during performance.

The Flywire technology fuels your performance, and the Metcons are designed to give you the perfect fit. They feature a reliable flat platform foundation that helps you deliver your best performance when lifting heavy weights.

This shoe has been designed with great attention to detail. It boasts a light breathable construction with molded flex grooves. It comes with an embroidered TPU reinforcement that helps the shoe offer maximum support when you perform weightlifting and other sports like sprints, climbs, box jumps, and distance runs.

They are sturdy and well built, so they can sustain daily abuse.

The shoe comes with an abrasion-resistant film surrounding the midfoot, and this is critical in minimizing the heat and friction produced during high-octane training sessions.

The reliable traction technology of the shoe helps in delivering an amazing performance on the track, the gym floor, and training grounds.

The exterior of the shoe is made from synthetic and breathable mesh material that makes it last and sustain various types of impacts during training sessions and workouts. It is comfortable from within and snugly fits your feet to help you stay safe during power-packed performances.


  • Made from breathable mesh and synthetic material
  • Secure and reliable lacing system keeps the foot locked
  • Embroidered TPU offers heightened durability
  • Tongue and collar areas are lightly padded
  • Breathable fabric lining gives you a great feeling
  • Molded textile footed for enhanced comfort
  • Drop-in midsole gives a stable and secure fit
  • Rubber outer sole delivers maximum traction and grip
  • Firm rubber heel delivers enduring durability and stability
  • Molded flex grooves give you a more natural feel
  • Designed for intense workouts
  • Lightweight filaments for optimal structure and support


  • This is Nike’s all-purpose cross-training shoe that can be used for heavy lifting, sprints, flexibility work, and climbs.
  • The shoe features a Flywire cable construction. It comes with a friction-reducing film, a flat firm heel, and a grooved forefoot design to help you deliver your best performance.
  • This hybrid shoe performs well for weightlifting as well as running, so you don’t have to buy separate shoes for either activity.
  • You can immediately see the difference in your deadlifts after wearing the shoe. It boosts your performances and pushes you to deliver better.
  • The shoe looks great, and you will surely be flooded with compliments about them.
  • It offers a great level of comfort and good traction. It has everything you could possibly ask from a good training, running, and gym shoe.
  • The shoe gives immense support to the heel, and the laces tighten to keep your feet secure in place during different stages of weightlifting and other exercises.
  • You can wear the shoe all day without the fear of blistering.


  • It feels a bit stiff at first, but after a few uses it becomes more comfortable and supportive.
  • The exact size may give too snug of a fit, so order one size bigger.
  • It is slightly overpriced when compared to other competitor products on the market.


The Nike Metcon 3 is designed to help you challenge your limits and take your training sessions to a whole new level. These shoes boast amazing grip technology and lightweight construction that Nike is famous for.

The company believes in creating advanced and better products for athletes, and you can see that difference when compared to other shoes in the Metcon series.

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