Are Weightlifting Shoes Good For Deadlifts?

Are Weightlifting Shoes Good For Deadlifts?

Which shoes are good for deadlift? Can you deadlift in your running shoes or regular sneakers? Are deadlift shoes any different? Are the weightlifting shoes good for deadlifts? Does it really matter what type of shoes you deadlift in?

I am sure many of you are constantly haunted by these questions. So, if you are wondering whether the lifting shoes are really worth it or if they actually make any difference then the answer is – Yes, they do!

You should really pay attention to the type of shoes you deadlift in, just like you have different shoes for hiking, work, bowling, or playing soccer.

Wearing the right type of shoes can have a major impact on your performance and your comfort level, regardless of which sport or activity you are engaged in. There are a few types of lifts where your comfort matters the most but it is not the same for deadlift.

You may actually be unable to use your maximum potential simply because you are not wearing the right type of shoes.

One of the common mistakes many weightlifters do is lift dead weights wearing thick-soled running shoes. It is unfortunate these wannabe-professionals do not realize what they are risking by making this compromise on the shoe front.

If you deadlift wearing a pair of running shoes then you actually risk yourself with two main disadvantages:

Firstly, you lack a stable and even surface to pull your weights from. If you pull heavy weight from an uneven surface, you will not be able to utilize your full potential.

This will keep you from applying maximum force that you are capable of. This will also make you vulnerable to foot or ankle injuries.

Secondly, running shoes have a higher heel drop, which means you are taller when you wear them. Hence, the bar will be farther away causing you to pull for longer. As a result, your back may go out of position to put you off balance.

To fix these issues we recommend that you wear special lifting shoes. The major sports shoe brands in the market such as Nike, Reebok, and Adidas offer a wide range of lifting shoes to match the diverse requirements of lifters.

Please bear in mind that there’s no one particular pair of shoes that fits all or works for everyone. You may need to do some homework, test, and try a few shoes before you choose the one that fits the contours of your feet, offers maximum support, provides adequate comfort, and helps you deliver your best by maintaining the right balance.

Things to look for in deadlift shoes:

I hope you are convinced by now that lifting shoes are good for deadlifts, and they offer a lot of benefits. So, if you are thinking of buying one for yourself, here are a few important things that you need to consider:

  • The sole should be flat so that it helps you establish a firm and stable connection with the ground. Some of the sports shoes come with a sole that rounds upwards, towards the toe or the heel, and this decreases your stability.
  • For better deadlifts, you must choose a pair of shoes with thin soles. The closer you are to the ground, the better grip you will have. It will also enhance the stability and you won’t have to pull the bars farther to lock out.
  • The inner sole of the shoes should be able to provide good arch support and enhanced comfort so that you can wear them all day if required. Furthermore, the inner sole should be hard enough to not get compressed or deformed when you lift insanely heavy weights.
  • The outsole material and tread pattern should be able to provide you a good traction, which is essential when you perform wide-stance lifts, such as sumo deadlifts.
  • The powerlifting shoe must have at least one lateral strap (two are better) other than the laces to secure the shoe tightly to the foot

Not everyone can do deadlifts! If you have the ability to exceed your limits, push your workouts, and do deadlifts then you certainly deserve nothing less than the best lifting shoes.

Give your feet what they deserve to help you realize your full potential and see the difference the lifting shoes bring to your performance.  This is an investment you will be really proud of in the long run.

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