Are Lifting Shoes Worth It?

Are Lifting Shoes Worth It?

Lifting shoes are more than mere shoes to weightlifters. They become like an extension of their physical selves, and they follow them wherever they go. Training sessions would not be the same without lifting shoes.

Professional weightlifters swear by these shoes, and they never leave them behind when going to the gym.

With the rising demand for lifting shoes, companies are now offering new models, attractive color schemes, and enhanced customization to add more personality to the shoes.

They are constantly upgrading and improving their existing models to make them better.

In the world of weightlifting, there’s no space or need for any flashy gear, since athletes already have their typical gym clothes and weights. The lifting shoes add a little bit of personality.

But ultimately, are lifting shoes worth it? Let’s look at some of the benefits the best lifting shoes offer.

Correct body posture

Lifting shoes are characterized by their elevated heels that help weightlifters maintain correct posture throughout lifts. In competitions, a slight issue with posture can be the factor that takes the winning title away from you.

The elevation level of the heel may vary from shoe to shoe, so the best bet is to find the perfect height that helps you get the perfect posture.

Look for a lifting shoe with the perfect heel that complements your body type. People with longer femurs may need higher heels than others. Other factors worth considering are flexibility, mobility, and anthropometrics.

Ankle Support

Lifting shoes are typically made from rubber, leather, or a material that feels like plastic to provide extra ankle and foot support. Some shoes may come with an extra strap or two to give additional support to the lifter.

The solid base of the shoes creates a sense of security that further empowers the lifter and helps to deliver the best possible performance. The rule of thumb is to look for a pair of shoes that does not feel cheap and can last for at least a year.

Solid Base

The shoes also come with a super solid base that helps you balance weight. The base is usually made of wood, hard plastic, or a combination of both.

An unstable surface can have a detrimental impact on your performance, hence you may want to look for lifting shoes with a strong and solid base that works for you on any surface. A hard base helps you feel more secure during lifts and also helps you maintain correct posture.

Better and Improved Mobility

The elevated heel, ankle support, and arch support come together to enhance your mobility throughout lifts, especially in the hip, ankle, and knee. With increased flexibility, we optimize our ability to produce maximum power and maintain correct posture.

If you have poor hip and ankle flexion, this can be a huge limiting factor for getting the right squat and lift. Look for lifting shoes that make you feel more secure and mobile throughout the lifts.

Enhanced Safety

Weightlifting shoes can prevent injuries when you perform heavy lifts and other complex movements. As these shoes come with a solid base and enhanced support, they lower the risk of injury.

Regular shoes lack enough support, and they have a standard base, which can put a lifter’s body in a poor position and increase the chances of injury. We suggest that you look for a shoe that fits snugly and gives you more security.

Personal Touch

Lifting shoes sometimes come in attractive colors and designs, so you have the opportunity to boost your personality and create a separate identity for yourself.

When you walk into the gym, let your shoes do the talking and ooze out style! You should be able to feel confident every time your strap on your lifting shoes.


If you have been thinking “are lifting shoe worth it,” then the above benefits will surely give you enough reasons to visit a showroom or online store to get a new pair that suits your style. The right pair of shoes will not only boost your overall personality but also improve your lifting performance.

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